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to_my's Journal

The "____ is the ____ to my ____!" Comm.
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The "____ is the ____ to my ____!" LJ Community.
☆ For partners in crime!


A community where fellow claimers alike may partner up with a victim lj buddy by choice ♥ Choosing from varieties of fandoms and other various choices, this was once a popular blog crew, but thanks to a friend of ours is now a concrete community without the limits thrown into it. This place is made for fun, exactly, fun. So refrain from wank, drama, fowl language, and anything related to the sort. We like to keep this place clean and to the point. If you don't comply to those requests you will be banned, simple as that. So please have fun and enjoy your stay here at to_my! And READ THE RULES.


1.) You must join the community to claim.

2.) You must stay joined in order to keep your claim.

3.) One "pairing" claim per two LJ users.
Once a claim has been made, both of those two particular lj users (and that particular pairing) cannot be reclaimed again by anyone else!

4.) Claims are to be made by LJ users, for LJ users.
No puppet/ RP accounts.
No claims involving people outside of LJ. [ie:] "My dad is the ____ to my ____!"

5.) Please check out the claims list before making your claim post.

6.) Only two claiming slots per claim.
No triple or quadruple claims. [ie:] "You are the ____ to my ____ and my ____!"

7.) You may claim fictional characters (from movies, anime & manga, cartoons, television shows, ect.), people in real life (celebrities, artists, authors, musicians, ect.), inanimate substances (food, places, toys), roles (master, slave, family), historical events, animals and even abstract concepts (such as unicorns). Anything you like, as long as they go together somehow.

8.) The format of the claim posted in your entry should look like this:
If possible, include which fandom/ movie/ book/ television show/ band/ ect that your claims belong to.

"[ insert lj user here ] is the [ insert their character/ person/ place/ thing ] to my [ insert your character/ person/ place/ thing ]!"

9.) Even though we are a multi-fandom community, your claims cannot be multi-fandom. All claims should be related by fandom, story, series, or at least have something in common with each other.
Doing it right: "You are the batman to my robin!"
Doing it wrong: "You are the batman to my boat!"

10.) The "pairing" of your claim may only be claimed once, but a certain specific character/ person/ place/ thing may be claimed over and over again in other claims within their own fandom/ story/ series/ or relation. [ie:] "You are the batman to my robin!" might be claimed, and so those two particular LJ users (and that particular pairing) cannot be re-claimed again by anybody else. But "You are the batman to my superman!" can still be claimed by two separate LJ users.

11.) You cannot claim somebody without receiving their permission first! This is important!
When you make your post, the person who is claiming with you must comment on that post to tell us that they approve of it, before we check to see if that pairing is free to claim.
If you've already made the post, but are aware that the person claiming with you does not approve of it, please delete it.
Simply saying that they have agreed to claim with you in your post will not cut it.

12.) There is a time limit as to how long your post can stand without receiving permission.
After three days, if your post still does not receive an okay from the user you are claiming with, it will be deleted by the mods.

13.) Making a post while waiting for your permission does not "reserve" the claim for you!
Therefore, if your post is still waiting on a user's permission while another user posts right after your post for the same claim and immediately gets their permission, they will get the claim instead of you. (aka; first come, first served.)

14.) Respect each others claims. If somebody has already claimed the pairing (or LJ user) that you were planning to claim, do not hassle them about it. Either in this community, or in their own journals.

15.) If you have a claim and want to drop it, you do not need your partner LJ user's permission to drop it. To drop the claim, you must either:
Make a post to let us know that you are dropping your claim.
Leave the community.

16.) If you have a claim and want to drop it to make another claim, you must:
Make a post stating that you are dropping your pervious claim, and would like to make another claim. Then state your new claim.
Have the person you are claiming with comment on your post to give us the okay to go.

★★★ Feel free to copy/ paste this code to your LJ! ★★★

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